Full-Length Plays


A psychological thriller and darkly-comic coming-of-age fable. When Daisy goes AWOL from their Duke of Edinburgh Gold Expedition on Dartmoor towards the end of March, Jack feels obliged to tag along and keep her from harm. The weather deteriorates as they evade the search and rescue teams tracking them desperately across the land. Not long after she has given Jack the slip, Daisy meets a young man in the moor’s Army Training Zone. As provisions dwindle, she must decide just how far she can trust him and his apparent ability to survive alone in the wild.

Cast of 2 (1 Male; 1 Female)

Capital Punishment

Awarded semi-finalist in Risk Theatre Modern Tragedy Competition 2020.

A tragicomic satire of political extremism and tribute to south-east London. A group of radical activists break into the high-rise offices of a bank on the evening of a new financial crisis. They unexpectedly find a team of bankers still there on the upper floors and take them hostage, but what now? Over the course of the evening Stockholm Syndrome seems to be setting in on both sides, but all this time one of the activists has been working alone on their true purpose, and they won’t be swayed.

Themes currently being redrafted into a new play.

Hip and Together

An experiment in free verse drama. After a visit to London in the months leading up to the sixties’ Summer of Love, a young woman returns to her native California. Still grieving for her father and struggling to reconcile her feelings for a girl she met abroad with the new world of free love opening up around her, she drives a group of friends down to the first pop music festival taking place at Monterey. Through a friendship with an oddly familiar face she is able to take a trip back through her memories of London and explore her innermost nature.

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Cast of 4 (2 Male; 2 Female)

Short Plays and Monologues

The Helicopter

Originally performed as Birthday Party at Theatre503, London (12-13 Feb 2017). Directed by Natalie Denton, with Suzy Whitefield as June and Edward Wolstenholme as John.

At her young son’s birthday party, a house cleaner’s former employer turns up with a present so lavish it raises questions about the boy’s paternity.  

Cast of 2 (1 Male; 1 Female)

Jachman and Hank

Performed at Theatre503, London (31 May – 1 June 2015). Directed by Sheryl Hill, with Matt Bradley-Robinson as Jachman and Ryan Penny as Hank.

Two imprisoned soldiers react completely differently to the childish mind games of their captors. One struggles to remember a macabre joke as the other tries to shut him up.

Cast of 2 (2 Male)


A work in progress – under the cloud of his father’s recent death, a young man’s behaviour at his own sports club initiation ceremony threatens to destroy his relationship with his sister.

Cast of 2 (1 Male; 1 Female)

Soap Opera

In a speculative future, one professor struggles to clear their throat as they outline their research on the suspension of light entertainment production during a past pandemic.